News from Saladbar GREEN IS BETTER  network ! 
GREEN IS BETTER still growing over the world and especially in South America where 21 openings are scheduled ! 
PARAGUAY with one restaurant in Asuncion was the pioneer in the region and plans to open a second store in the World Trade Center next year. (Asuncion) 
PERU, with two restaurants opened in 2 years and many projects. 
CHILE has opened the first restaurant of the 5 planned and is happy with his success of the beautiful Torres Titanium (Las Condes, Santiago) 
The diet habits are changing. All over the world the junk-food is dying. People open their eyes and refuse to feed themselves  "ready-to-eat" 
The Green and balanced diet is invading spirits. 
The GREEN revolution is underway in Latin America. 
BOLIVIA also joined to the GREEN network is Better with a big hit in Santa Cruz and 4 more are planned within next months.  
Colombian territory opened simultaneously, through two different franchisees, MEDELLIN one restaurant and another one in a few weeks in BOGOTA. 
Central America also has a passion for GREEN. Two restaurants will open soon, the 1st  downtown Panama City, and the 2nd in the largest shopping center of the city. 
More projects coming soon  in Latin America, in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. 
In Morocco , first country to export the concept outside their home country, continues its growth with 5 Open restaurants, 2 and 2 works project. 
After having positioned the concept in Doha in 2010, with a very hype version (porcelain plates, engraved with the logo GREEN IS BETTER) the Qatar will open 10 saladbar before the Soccer world cup ! 
The DOM TOM (overseas departments) continue their adventures: TAHITI, REUNION. 
The French West Indies already has a restaurant in FORT DE FRANCE and plans to open a second site on the island by 2014. 
A restaurant will open soon GUADALUPE , with the idea of ​​developing the concept of SALADBAR and YOG'N GREEN (Frozen Yogurt). 
Australia has opened last April with one SALADBAR, and has a pre-order of 20 more are to develop within the next 10 years. 
France launched the concept of RESTAURANT on DEMAND (soon to be exported) .The oldest franchisees, SERVIENT LYON (69) - PARIS ETOILE entering their fifth year of success. 
Recent opening in France Aubagne (13) is profitable after 5 month only ! 
The restaurant GREEN IS BETTER SOFIA (06) beats the record frequently visits and expected to exceed $420,000 in 2014. 
In northern France, Dunkerque just finished the works of upgrade the surface of the  restaurant space from 650 to 2000 square feet  
For the last quarter of 2014, several French cities have already signed GRENOBLE, Marseille and many more under reservation. 
We’ll come back soon with more news from GREEN INTERNATIONAL as an application for cell GREEN IS BETTER, organic products upsell (GREEN MARKET). go to the brochure 

The success of the Saladbar GREEN IS BETTER is due to the low initial investment and the fastest ROI of the healthy food business
Thank you very much for your attention,

Soon , the whole world will have to think Green : get ready  ! 

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