Green is better restaurants have decided to fight against the "junk food" with the official launch of GREEN MASTER CLASS DIET PROGRAM ™ by opening its world network of restaurants to health and diet associations, during their closing hours. 

This program is part of information campaigns "eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day" aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet,  especially among young people.
The goal is to help consumers in the choice of a healthy and balanced diet with practical exercises.
The founder country of this program is Bolivia, where classes are taught into the GREEN IS BETTER™ restaurant (Ventura Mall, Santa Cruz)  and broadcasted on the channel  UNO VIVO TV (see TV teaser here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-G-8ZH0zCI )  

Other countries are underway for setting up of DIET PROGRAM MASTER CLASS

To have news from the Green is better’s world, clic here.

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