The founding values of the Green is Better salad franchise are QUALITY, CONVENIENCE, INNOVATION and DYNAMISM, and we're committed to ensuring that this is exactly what customers find when they enter our stores. Since the opening of our first restaurant we have never wavered in our belief that 'green' is better. The high quality of ingredients that go into each salad has remained consistent, and this innovative way of eating has been a resounding success. Customers enjoy the convenience of being able to choose the food they want in less time than it takes to pick up an unhealthy junk food snack. And, of course or dynamic team offer a welcome and an exceptional level of service to every person who comes into Green.

Each salad is made using only the healthiest, freshest regional ingredients, and with over 50 to choose from customers can count on a sensational taste experience. Always reasonably priced and always nutritionally sound, healthy eating has never been so good. What's more it takes less than a minute for your unique, personally selected salad to be assembled according to your wishes. Three simple steps are all it takes to create the taste sensation you've been waiting for.

First of all you choose a tempting and tasty base for your salad. At every Green Is Better salad franchise you'll find an enticing selection of base ingredients such as baby spinach, arugula, mesclun and all types of lettuce and leafy, green stuff. Or why not try cold pasta shells or quills for an Italian inspired dish? Or tabbouleh or wild rice as a base for a Middle Eastern, Indian or Mexican style treat? Or quinoa for an extra healthy dish? The options are incredible and the best part of all is that it's entirely up to you!

Step two is where the Green 'bar tender' puts your base ingredients into a salad bowl for you, and you start choosing all the exciting fresh foods you desire.
With over 48 cold and hot ingredients to choose from at the Green salad bar, you'll be spoiled for choice. Raw vegetables, roasted vegetables, fruit, organic chicken, fair trade tuna, olives, peppers or pine nuts, just add whatever you fancy to make your salad uniquely you. A choice of soups, focaccia sandwiches and extras will enhance your meal, so simply pick up whatever you like depending on your appetite.

The third and final step is to add the perfect finishing touches and with 10 outstanding seasonings to choose from you can really get down to business in any Green Is Better salad franchise.
Spicy, sweet, fruity or classic, just give it to the 'bar tender' that will mix it all up for you. Once your tailor made salad is complete you will be given it in a special transparent cup and you can either eat in at one of our 'green spaces' or take it away.

So now you've had the Green is Better "wonderfood" experience, you should be smiling ! well are you ? ! Here at Green is Better, you'll never find naughty junk food that damages your body, and a friendly atmosphere like no other !

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