Famous International Salad Franchise Celebrates 7th Anniversary by Opening USA Development

If you haven’t yet heard of Green Is Better, better late than never. We are the best salad franchise available in more than 15 countries around the globe. Not only have we hit the ground running, but we are continuing to pick up speed wherever we go. As part of our seventh anniversary celebration, we are now looking to open development of our franchise in the U.S.

Filling a Healthy Need the Green Way

We know that people around the world are demanding healthy options while eating out. In the USA, there are very few restaurants that serve exclusively healthy, delicious food. Green Is Better is all about offering healthy options without the temptation of junk food. We provide entrée-sized salads, fresh toppings acquired daily from local growers, focaccia sandwiches, and even light, nutritious desserts. We are also proud to be an environmentally conscious business. Even if you decide to take our food home, you get a “green” container for your “green” food. We’re proud that everything about our business is considered friendly for the planet. We are now looking to spread this green goodness around the USA.

Apply for Your Own Franchise Today

We are already the number one salad bar franchise all over the world. In business, it’s important to fill a need when you see one, and that’s easy to do when you open a salad bar where everyone is in need of healthier food options. Help us celebrate our seventh anniversary by filling out our franchise application form online.

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