Wondering how to start a health food saladbar restaurant Green is better? We take you step-by-step from start to success.

 The sales of healthy foods and beverages have recently skyrocketed all over the world from approximately $1 billion to nearly $25 billion only for the USA

GREEN IS BETTER is the exact example of small business franchise model, low start-up cost, with the fastest ROI in his category.

The four-year survival rate for business startups is less than fifty-percent. Across industries, franchise startups tend to fare better than independent startups.

Franchises eliminate many of the risks that are typically associated with a business startup and offer growth opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs, especially for Small business

Green is better is not a "regular franchisor" . The "duplication concept" does not exist at GREEN IS BETTER .

All over the world our partners had adapted the concept according to habits, of  religions, of local recipes, and ...personal feelings ! ! !

This is the "GREEN IS BETTER " effect!

If you know about your territory, we know about our concept ..

…so come with your motivation we'll find a deal !


The Green Team !



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