GREEN IS BETTER™ is a US private company based in NYC specialized in the development of health-based concepts and wellbeing.

The adventure began in 2007 in New York by opening a restaurant salad bar.
The first saladbar was born on 56th W. Street with a 6-month restaurant pilot test unit under the anonymous name of NYC Food. (Between 6th and 7th avenue)
The project was to offer customized salads with fresh and healthy ingredients.
Market research had clearly shown that consumers did not want to suffer the dictatorship of the "shut up and eat!" imposed by restaurants across the world
The client wants to decide what to remove or add in his meals.
Who pays the bill?

From the outset the founders of GREEN IS BETTER™ have wanted to let their consumers picking their own customized meals, by ordering items from the menus to suit their tastes of their religions, their diet, their age, their weight, their mood!
It is this business model that will bring to GREEN IS BETTER™ a tremendous notoriety and which will lead it all over the planet
Still today GREEN IS BETTER™ is the World's 1st saladbar restaurant chain offering the smallest business model investment for a franchise network.

Later they decided to reproduce this principle to their future members by giving them the task of adapting the concept to the region.
It began in France when a franchisee wanted to offer its customers a cheese made in the region by taking the famous words of General de Gaulle "How can I govern a country which has over 300 varieties of cheeses !" ...
This argument makes sense.
Those wise words has been permanently integrated into the basic principles of GREEN IS BETTER™ for hire new members into the international network, making of it a particularly powerful argument: "Sign-up with GREEN IS BETTER™ and become an innovating franchisee "

Many franchise candidates often hesitate for fear of having their creativity stifled by "a dictator-franchisor" that claims to have ZE final rocket-science!
Many candidates give up because of this stupid principle.

At GREEN IS BETTER™ creativity is required and a candidate for the Master Franchise for a given territory may revisit the menu as long as it meets the spirit and the GREEN soul.
In reality " GREEN IS BETTER™ " brings the power of a great brand, and candidates bring their creativity and motivation.

Therefore GREEN IS BETTER™ is not a franchisor like others.
GREEN IS BETTER™ conveys rights to use its brand, operating tips (The “Bible”) datasheets equipment etc.  
But each Master Licensee has to define its own “menu” that will fit in his country by keeping the mind healthy and balanced food
And it works !

After a period of 12 months devoted to install the fundamentals of the concept, and to observe the behavior of New Yorkers urban customers with a very great success, the company will export the concept at the heart of the City of Gastronomy PARIS.
The concept arrived in Paris in January 2008 to open three units under the name GREEN IS BETTER™ saladbar restaurant.
The success was overwhelming!
Over 500 salad-addicted come daily into Green is better™ restaurants to enjoy fresh salads, cheap ($5.00) and above all, made to measure.
This last point is crucial because consumers no longer want to use the "Ready-to-eat".

Beginning in July 2009 the first franchise candidates appear and the French network is enriched with 35 openings distributed throughout the country French
The business model will immediately attract junior franchisees interested in running a small business with reduced opening hours (Monday-Friday from 11am to 4:00 pm)

This great success is explained by the ability of all franchisees to adapt to specific local commercial offer: regional recipes, local produce, and well before McDonald decides to do so by offering sandwiches or baguettes products in correlation with the likes of their consumers.

The four points of the unifying concept of GREEN IS BETTER™ are

- Adaptability of menus according to market by the franchisees
- Reduced opening hours, hours and opening days non imposed.
- A very strong brand loyalty to GREEN IS BETTER™ (customers and franchisees)
- Small business investment (Entry ticket: less than $ 100k)


As early as November 2009 GREEN IS BETTER™ turned to export.
The first country to lead the way was the Morocco: thanks to a Moroccan young entrepreneur based in Rabat S. RAHMOUNI who was the first to internationalize GREEN IS BETTER™ opening a drive into a neighborhood of Rabat
Success was immediate because here too the basic concept has been modified to match with local habits recipes, openness, religion, and tastes schedules.

Qatar, which opened in Lagoona Mall in Doha and that shook the precepts optimizing the concept by adding "details" such as plates engraved with the brand GREEN IS BETTER™, not disposable local earnings premium, cutlery, while retaining the spirit is better GREEN namely healthy and balanced eating.

The first opened in a tropical zone.
GREEN IS BETTER™  concept has been preserved and adapted to the consumption patterns of the island, by providing sandwiches and local spicy subs.
Two GREEN IS BETTER™ Saladbar are currently open in the island.

The two owners get the 2nd prize of innovation in 2011 awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and plebiscite entirely by the public through the GREEN PASS™ the first payment card and loyalty.

Matias Ordeix is a Paraguayan businessman already respected in the coffee sector.
He opened his first restaurant in Asuncion on a larger area with a terrace and shoving (yet) the commercial offering by creating a space "VIP", offering recipes and sandwiches
The inauguration takes place September 21, 2012 in the presence of Mr Ambassador France who wished indicated its willingness to support French companies exporting ... because yes of course GREEN IS BETTER™  is governed by a predominantly French shareholding!

Christian MUR, also a businessman installed in various industries in Lima, Peru became Master Franchisee and decided to open two units in Lima.
Christian was the first to open a 2 floors unit GREENIS BETTER™ saladbar.

Jorge is best known as a brilliant businessman in Bolivia. With a culture very "maketing based", he understood before anyone else the merits of a smart and effective communication.
It will revolutionize the image of saladbar offering him a new spirit on recurring themes of care of self-image, sport and the benefits of a thoughtful diet.
It plans to open six units in Bolivia

Opened in March 2014 in Perth and began development in Franchise on Australian territory
Again the concept was adapted to local customs

PANAMA with 2 units to be opened before the end of 2014
FRANCE with three units: Grenoble - Marseille - Biarritz – Aix en Provence-



Back in New York late 2010.
Experts picture observers social networks have found that there is a strong bound between consumers, franchisees, and that is better blogosphere GREEN IS BETTER™ was born on the Web
GREEN IS BETTER™ the connection was born.. !
Some even called their child “BABY GREEN” referring to their passion!
Whouaa! What an honor!

Like many communities in the Blogosphere Fan Club GREEN IS BETTER™ is better wanted to get more and more!
More information, more products, more goodies, more pictures..!

How about organic cosmetics?

A new market study came to shake preconceptions by revealing that GREEN IS BETTER™ was not ONLY a brand that was referring to rapid Restaurants healthy and balanced quality, but was referring to any CLEAN and NATURAL product.

The idea of ​​launching a brand of cosmetics 100% organics, and 100% Producted in France, was born in 2010 and after selecting a number of specialized manufacturers in the design of organic and natural cosmetic formulas.

After months of tests, a complete range is launched for sale on the web only with the aim of convincing 1000 web client recurring without using SEO techniques to ADWORD® type, just and only by the addiction Results obtained.
They will be 17000 after 2 years later

From 2013 the partners decided to go and meet clients by offering coaching home beauty through a network of consultants specially prepared and trained to consulting and product sales.
The GREEN ACADEMY™ was born to support the initial training and ongoing recycling sessions.
Today the Green network consists of hundreds of consultants in France, a dozen overseas territories and continues to make new adepts every day.

Morocco, Chile, Argentina, New York, Australia are being developed and other countries could come join the GREEN PROGRAM development

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